Thursday, September 27, 2012

Are the Jazz a top ten team?

I group teams into categories three of them are; Super Teams, A ton of talent but don't play like a Super Team, and Very Good teams

The Super teams:


A ton of talent but don't play like a super team:

Very good teams

I wanted to see if the Jazz fell in there so I figured out.

Utah’s record vs “Super teams, Very Good teams, and ton of talent but don’t play like a super team”
Big wins are separated from the rest

UTA vs MIA W 99-98

UTA vs OKC W 97-90

UTA vs OKC L 87-101
UTA @ OKC L 85-111
UTA @ BOS L 82-94

UTA @ LAL W 103-99

UTA vs LAL W 96-87
UTA vs LAL L 87-90 (OT)
UTA @ LAL L 71-96
UTA @ SAS L 104-114
UTA vs SAS L 102-106
UTA vs SAS W 91-84
UTA @ SAS L 89-104
UTA vs DEN W 121-102
UTA @ DEN W 106-96
UTA @ DEN L 100-117
UTA vs LAC W 108-79
UTA vs LAC L 105-107
UTA @ LAC L 96-105
UTA @ NJN W 105-84
UTA vs NJN W 107-94
UTA @ NYK L 88-99

UTA @ MEM W 98-88

UTA @ MEM L 98-103
UTA vs MEM W 94-85
UTA @ IND L 99-104

Interesting stats:
  • The Jazz played 26 games and won 12 of them (46 %)
  • They Played 12 of those at home and won 8 of them (66.67%)
  • They Played 14 on the road and only won 4 (28.5%) -Not bad though considering these are the best 10 teams
  • Their record against the finalists(OKC and MIAMI) was 2-2 with 2 on the road
  • They won the Memphis, Miami, Denver, and Brooklyn series and tied the Lakers series
  • They lost the Pacers, Thunder, Spurs, Celtics, and Knicks series
  • They lost 50% of these games by less than ten points.  That means half of their losses could have gone either way too, they could have very well have won 73% of their games vs these Big Boys

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